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Version: 7.7.2 Build 4044
Category: Network Tools|Protocol Analyzers/Sniffers
Developer: Colasoft Co Ltd
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Colasoft Capsa Enterprise torrentColasoft Capsa Enterprise

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What is new: New Features:
Adds the identification and decoding of the protocols: SIP, SDP, MEGACO/H.248, MGCP, Q931, SAP, H.225, RMI, Oracle, MMS, GOOSE, SMV, and GMRP.
Alarm notification now by both audio and email.
Added Custom Reporting capability for individual nodes within the Node Explorer.
Bug Fixed:
The Analysis Profile Settings dialog box could not be closed when a scheduled project was running.
Restored the manufacturer information for the Colasoft MAC Scanner.
Resolved Checksum Error in the Summary column on the Packet view when decoding UDP protocol under IPv6.
Eliminated program crash during packet file replay.
No packets were captured when a capture using multiple NICs was stopped and restarted again.

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