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Remote Task Manager torrentRemote Task Manager

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What is new: Now Security Patch Analyzer can work through the proxy servers that require authorization.
The new context menu item – «Open in Explorer» in the Shares tab.
In the NetStat tab you can filter connections by the protocol (TCP or UDP).
Added keyboard shortcuts for the «Update Speed» menu’s items.
Several other minor improvements in the interface

Remote Task Manager (RTM) is a systems control interface that can be run from a remote Windows 2000 / NT computers. This allows the System Administrator to control most aspects of a remote environment. Easy to use, the interface separating tab applications, services, devices, processes, events, shared resources and performance monitor, making each of these very easy to operate. Security administrators can (authorization, auditing and owner) to start or stop services or devices, add new services or devices, manage the timing and adjust. Operational processes and the Task Manager allows remote ca euml, termination and adjust priorities. An Event Viewer lets the Administrator view all events as though they were running on the host computer. Performance Monitor displays a dynamic overview of the computer’s performance (CPU and memory consumption). Remote Task Manager supports remote installation. In this way, the system administrator for the service on a remote computer without physically to them. RTM adds the ability to create a process or lock / shutdown / reboot computThis remote administrator program is to find tasks and processes to facilitate heterogeneous group of Windows NT / 2000 machine administration -.? Monitor all running tasks, processes, services and events on the remote computer. ? Features -Watch task performed (the main window, the process ID, etc.). ? Features -Watch ongoing process (process ID, CPU time, use privileges, memory, priority). ? -see Process which is associated with the selected task. ? -see Any process associated with the selected service. ? -End A selected job properly. ? -Terminate Selected process at any point. ? -Change Selected priority process. ? -Control Process that the CPU will be allowed to carry out. ? -Stop, Start, restart, pause, and continue every service or device selected. ? Startup parameters -hange a service or device (name, account number, type of startup, dependencies, etc.). ? Parameter -Change repair service on Windows 2000 / XP. ? Depending -Watch services. ? -Set Services and safety equipment (authorization, auditing and owner). ? Shared management resources on a remote computer. ? -Clear Event Log. ? -Archive Event Log. ? Monitor dynamic list of computer performance (CPU and memory consumption). ? Close and restart the computer remotely. ? -Create Processes on remote computers. ? -Lock Computer remotely. ? -30 Day? Attempts -nag screen